Purchasing process
Buying in Thiaraes easy and simple, just follow the steps below:
1º.- Select the products you wish to purchase from among those offered by Thiara. By clicking on each product, you can access its file, which includes photo / s, detailed description with information, main characteristics and price. If you need to know more, do not hesitate to ask us. NOTE: The products may suffer slight variations in color or texture with respect to the photograph that appears on the web, due to different factors, for example, the resolution of your monitor. However, we will do our best to make the images as faithful as possible to reality.
2º.- Once you have selected the product (s) you wish to buy, you must press the “Buy” button, the product being incorporated into your shopping cart. If you wish, you can continue adding more products to the cart, or proceed directly to the payment.
3º.- Once the product selection is concluded, a summary will appear identifying the selected item (s). Finally, to continue with your order, you must press the “Buy” button.
4º.-As we have indicated in previous sections, at the end of your purchase, you have the option of doing so by registering, or making a quick purchase without registration (as a guest user). When registering, you must indicate your contact information and address, and in your next purchases you will not have to enter your data again.
5º.- Finally, you must choose the means of payment for your order from among those offered by Thiara (see next section).
6º.- Once the contracting process is finished, we will send you an email in which the details of it will be detailed, as well as proof of purchase or invoice. If you do not receive this email in 24 hours, or if you appreciate any error in the data entered, contact us by any of the following means:
Calling or WhatsApp 621000736
Notifying you in the “Contact” section of this website
Writing to the email address: tienda@thiara.es
You can also request a paper invoice by contacting us, within 15 days after purchase, and we will send it to you without any additional cost.

5) Payment methods
Thiara has several payment methods to facilitate your purchase:
• Credit or debit card (We accept all cards)
• PayPal
Next, we specify the conditions for each of these forms of payment.

 Credit or debit card
Payment by credit or debit card is made through the secure payment gateway of Sabadell Soldbank. Through this payment method, Thiara never collects or manipulates any customer data related to its card number. All data is processed directly by Sabadell Soldbank, so that Thiara can always offer the greatest security, transparency and confidentiality in the transaction.
The cards currently supported by the payment gateway are Visa, Mastercard and Maestro, in addition to those belonging to the 4B, Red 6000 and Servired networks.If you have any questions, contact us and we will assist you to clarify any concerns.

Make the payment with your PayPal account. Through this payment method, Thiara never collects or manipulates any bank data. All data is processed directly by Paypal, so that Thiara can always offer the greatest transparency, security and confidentiality in the transaction.

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